A group tasting is organized for booked events (fee applies). We will contact you regarding the schedule. Guests are welcome.

This is possible, though extra fees may apply depending on your requests.

Depending on the item, our Chef may be able to accommodate your request. Please contact us for specific details.

We are able to provide a small cutting cake or sheet cake, up to a 2- layer cake. Dessert bar options are also available, please refer to our menu.

Catering staff are dressed in “white bistro” attire, which is a long sleeve white button-down shirt, black slacks, black tie, and black shoes. They will be wearing black tuxedo aprons.

Yes. An upgrade is available to convert to a plated or family style format. This would cover costs for extra staff, rentals, and food.

Appetizers are passed as a standard, but can be stationed upon request.


Guests do not have to pay for drinks. The drinks are unlimited starting after ceremony and through the end of the reception. There will be complementary ice cold water bottles available during the ceremony.

There is an option to add a champagne toast, fee applies. However, there is champagne free flowing at the hosted bar at any time. The DJ will announce when toasts are about to take place so that guests have plenty of time to get a drink/ champagne to toast with. The wedding coordinator will be sure that the wedding couple will have champagne just in time for the toast.

No. This is for the safety of all guests. It is an open bar and drinks are unlimited. However, the bar does reserve the right to refuse service if a guest appears to be highly intoxicated or is rude.

Yes. The bar will not serve to any guests under 21 years of age.


Yes. The DJ will have a form for you to fill out prior to your wedding.

DJ assignments happen 30-60 days from event date.

Yes. Lighting and other equipment may also be added. Inquire with DJ for details.

Day of Venue Coordination

Your venue coordinator will contact you within 10 days after booking your event to schedule your first meeting & get you moving in the right direction. A final meeting will be scheduled for 2-3 weeks before your wedding. If additional meetings or venue walk throughs are needed, you may inquire with the venue coordinator. (Additional hourly fees will apply)

It is not required to hire a planner. If you do hire an outside planner, the wedding planner is considered another vendor that our coordinator will have communications with. You may also choose to upgrade the coordinator services to wedding planning. Please ask your coordinator about the details of ‘other services’ offered.

To begin on the ‘right foot’, an initial face to face meeting with your venue coordinator is recommended in the early stages of planning. During this meeting, you will discuss planning details, vendors, and plan an outline of what to expect during the process as well as on the wedding day. If planning to have a rehearsal, you will schedule with the venue coordinator. There will be a final meeting 2 weeks prior to the wedding to confirm all details, including headcount, floor plan, timeline, and vendors. The venue coordinator will update McCauley with the final details as well as provide the timeline to all vendors. McCauley will send the client a final balance based upon the information provided. The venue coordinator will be onsite on your wedding day to greet and direct the vendors upon their arrival. The venue coordinator and team will assist in decor set up, manage the timeline, and provide the wedding party and guests service and attention.
Note: There are many additional services that your creative, savvy and detail oriented coordinator can offer. Please inquire with the venue coordinator as this can be an added value! (Additional fees may apply)


Yes, the wedding coordinator will have a book of many samples to choose from. Upgrade fees may apply.

All ideas must be discussed and approved by your wedding coordinator. The general rule of thumb is that the venue is not damaged by nails, tape, fire, etc..

Game Room and Casita

No. However, there is a beverage package option to complement the experience. This can be added through your host at McCauley.

Yes, at your own risk. All belongings will need to be removed by the end of the event breakdown time.

Time can be added to your package. Additional fees will be applied.

The Game Room will not be accessible once the event starts, but belongings can be removed during event breakdown. Access to the Casita is limited to the bride during the event time. All personal items to be removed during the event breakdown.


Try wedsafe.com or wedsure.com review your wedding contract for details and requirements.

Once you have determined your date and package, we execute a contract and require a $4000 deposit to hold.

Not without a non-refundable deposit.

3 hours before event start time.

No. All items must be removed from the premises within one hour following event end time.

The vendors are required to clean up what they have provided. Any personal belongings or items left from outside vendors will have to be removed from the venue during breakdown time. We recommend that you designate a responsible guest to account for the items that need to be packed up and taken.

There will not be early access, unless prior plans have been made. To avoid upsetting your wedding party, please ask that they do not arrive earlier than contractual time as the staff will not be ready and available to welcome them in and unlock the Game Room.


No, but the packages start at 100 guests.

The entire wedding party should be included in your guest count.

Children that do not require a seat, are not counted in the guest count. Children under 8, after the first 100 guests, are a reduced rate in the Diamond Package.

280 with a dance floor.

3 hours before the event start time. Additional time may be purchased.

There are additional fees to use outside catering, DJ, and photo booth. We also must approve outside vendors and we require that outside vendors do a walkthrough of the venue.

Yes. Please coordinate with the DJ regarding set up.

No. The cost is the same. You will still have the same amount of event time.

Absolutely! We have worked with many wonderful, local vendors who have shown a high level of service that we expect.

There is no way for us to know what the weather will bring, however, we are prepared to hold all parts of the event in the Pavilion in the event of rain.

The fire pit is wood burning. As long as it is a burn day, we may have a fire and recommend that duraflame is added or brought to minimize any smoke going into the building.

Yes, near the parking area.