Our Venue

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Reception Hall

After cocktail hour, guests will be ushered into the reception hall where they can find their seats at the tables pre-decorated and numbered according to your preference. The new happy couple and their entourage will be introduced to guests with an announced grand entrance. The pre-planned program will continue for the rest of the evening, which can include speeches, cake cutting, dinner and dancing. Dinner shall be shared and enjoyed amongst family and

Cocktail Hour Gazebo/Outdoor Area

Our Cocktail Hour Gazebo is a great place to provide guests with cocktails, refreshments and hors d’oeuvres. Guests will have the opportunity socialize and enjoy our beautiful grounds before heading over to the Reception Hall.

The Game Room

It’s not only about getting ready the morning of the wedding, but it’s also about bonding and just having fun. The Game Room is the perfect place for the entourage to hang out together before the ceremony. The room is filled with vintage arcade games, a pool table, a foosball table, and football memorabilia, all things to keep the entourage entertained and to relax the excited nerves.

Bride’s Quarters (Casita)

A private room off to the side of the lake, the Bridal Casita provides a place for the bridal party to complete the final touches before the ceremony. The room is equipped with a full-length mirror as well as a wall-sized mirror, tufted-bench seating, a bathroom, and full counter space.

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